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My Shade of Brown Pillow Box May 2013

Yea h me, I got my first My Shade of Brown Pillow Box.  I have heard both sides of the aisle on it and decided it was my turn so I would know.  I can use 4-5 beauty products for $10.  Let’s dive into my first box.

I really needed a new facial soap so I am looking forward to trying this.  I am always looking for something that will help even my skin tone.

I am going to have a field day trying out these conditioners.  This one has moved into a nice slot on the list since sulfate-free.  They compare it to WEN so I am really curious about how it will work on my hair.

Black Opal has been around for a long time and I have not ever considered using to now.  I always pictured an older women when considering using these products.  This will be interesting.

I love this lip color stick.  It goes on really smooth and I love the color.

I thought that the My Shade of Brown Pillow Box was okay this month.  There was nothing that stood out and made the box special.  I do like the products that came in it but nothing wowed me.  However, I will continue getting the box since the price is right and the items vary.

My Shade of Brown, priced $10.00/monthly


Her Fab Box May 2013

Her Fab Box May 2013

Her Fab Box May 2013

Her Fab Box is one of the best women’s subscription boxes out there.  It’s always filled with a little bit of  everything.  You really can’t go wrong with this box.  Here’s what was in store for this month.

At first was unsure because as I have already told you I am a little iffy when it comes to perfume and sprays.  It has a nice citrus smell and I think I can tolerate it.

I don’t shampoo my hair very often but next time I do I plan on trying this.  I use a few of Jane Carter’s other products so I am sure I will like one as well.

Pink Mirror

Pink Mirror

It’s a cute little mirror, but it does remind me of something that I would get in a case for a little girl.

I really like the wonder curl brand and I have gotten a lot of their samples.  I am somewhat disappointed because I really don’t think that I will be able to gauge how this is going to work with my hair.  I hope there is enough to test on the nap and front of my hair.

I like that fact that this nail polish dries in 60 seconds because I usually am in a hurry when I decide to paint my nails.

I have one of these bottles everywhere I go.  In the car, my purse, my suitcase, my desk, in the kitchen, etc.  And the fact it smells great, yea me!!!

Happy dance I do.  I love Shea Moisture wash.  It smells great and one of my favorites.  Lucky me!!!

I love having these handy wipes in my purse.  Sometimes I end up staying overnight at my boo’s house and I need something to clean my face with if I don’t have my overnight bag.  ( I refuse to buy stuff to leave at his house)

Something else I like to have in my bag.  Every now and then when I am at the grocery picking meat, I stumble across some packages that are leaking.  This will def help with a quick clean up instead on me holding out my hand searching for the bathroom.

Emery Boards $1.00 each

Emery Boards $1.00 each

It will take me a while to use these emery boards.  I do fill my toes occasionally but I mostly get pedicures aside from changing my own polish.

I love the fact that I got these pink baubles for my ear.  I wish I could find more info about them.

These got damp in my box so I couldn’t tell if they were soap or lotion until I went to the website.  They are really adorable for only $1.00


Her Fab Box May 2013

I really enjoyed the Her Fab Box this month.  I like seeing brands I know and love mixed in with small companies from Etsy.  This is a box that I will continue on receiving.  There would have to be a drastic change for me to stop my subscription.

Her Fab Box, $10, $15 or $25(pictured)/monthly

holBOX May 2013

holBOX May 2013

holBOX May 2013

I finally got my holBOX, woo-hoo.  This beautiful holistic box is one that all of the ladies have told me that I need to get.  The products are all organic and natural, making this a box for those who are health conscious.  I love these kinds of boxes.

I mix bee pollen into my tea on the regular so I was very happy to receive this.  I know that it is great for the immune system as well as part of a healthy diet.  Love it.

Oogies Gourmet Popcorn White Cheddar 1oz. pictured $15.08 for 5 5oz. bags

Oogies Gourmet Popcorn White Cheddar 1oz. pictured $15.08 for 5 5oz. bags

I am in popcorn heaven.  I love cheddar popcorn and this did not disappoint.  Truly delicious.

I know that eucalyptus can be helpful when you have a cold but I it very strong for me.  I find that one drop can drive me up the wall.  However my kids love using it, especially in the shower to clean their nose.  That steam makes them feel a whole lot better.

I look forward to using this mud on my hair.  I hear so many people rave about the benefits of mud masks on their hair.  I hope I experience softer hair too.  Unfortunately it’s going on my list to use later than sooner.

I like lip scrubs.  They don’t always seem to work for me, but I do like the tingling sensation I got from this one.  My lips felt plumper.

20130514_213737I am not sure as to who manufactures this tea.  I seems like a good blend so I am sure I will enjoy it.

I use basil very often when I am cooking.  These seeds have inspired me to start a small herb garden.  Fresh herbs will be great as I become a stellar cook.

20130514_213816This scarf is B-U-T-Ful.  I love the chocolate brown color.  I will probably order more in the different patterns and colors that I have seen other holBOX subscribers receive.  Not sure if Exclusive Hollandaise, the name printed on it, makes it.  I have not found any information on the company.

This has quickly become one of my favorite household cleaners.  I love the fresh smell especially now that it is spring.  It makes everything vibrant, clean and fresh.  This is on my regular pick-up list.

holBOX May 2013

holBOX May 2013

I love, love, love the holBOX.  Everything in it is top notch and I haven’t been more happy to receive something as beautiful and organic as this.  I think this one of the most worthwhile subscription boxes out there.  If anyone is looking for something new they should try this.  they won’t be disappointed.

holBOX, priced $25.00/monthly

We Are Onyx May 2013

We Are Onyx May 2013

We Are Onyx May 2013

We Are Onyx is monthly subscription box dedicated to give it’s subscribers high quality products and customer service.  You can take a survey so that Onyx can better get to know your likes and dislikes.  They even have a shop that you can use to buy the products that they have sent to you in the subscription box.  Here’s what they had in the box for May.

I was going to order this but I really didn’t want to pay the price till I got to try it out.  I am giddy to be able to try this out soon.  *does a little dance

I have a small container of Komaza at home and I am really happy to have more so that I can twist my hair without it running out.  Smells noooooice.

This buttery shae made my elbows feel softer than they have felt in a very long time.  Great product.  And that Sweet Ginger scent, oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s great.

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to try this out on my hair but I look forward to applying it to my ends

I have a lot of these packets.  I am thinking that I will try them one week and styling them with a different product to see home they react.  Hopefully I don’t scare my hair.  Eeeck!!!

We Are Onyx May 2013

We Are Onyx May 2013

Well I love what the Onyx Box can be but I am disappointed with this box.  I am super happy I got the Hairveda to try.  Now I get to try and not worry.  I am also happy about the Komaza, but for $20 I was expecting more.  I hope that my next box is a lot better.

We Are Onyx, priced  $20.00/monthly

Ipsy May 2013

Ipsy Bag May 2013

Ipsy Bag May 2013

My adorable Ipsy bag has arrived.  I love getting the bright pink bubble bag in the mail.  Then I open it and see this beautiful colorful zig-zag bag.  I love it more because it has an orange zag to it.  I gotta show you what was inside too.

It smells really good but perfume can easily give me a headache.  I will be passing this along to my sis.  I really wish I could keep it.

I love the orangey smell this has.  It makes me want to lick my lips over and over again.  Very moisturizing.

I wish I would have had this color around Easter.  I would have looked truly adorable with my dress matching my toes.  I love this pale yellowish color.

I plan on trying this week when I wash my hair.  I try to use something new every week so we will see if this fall into the “KEEP AND USE’ box.

Love the Ipsy Bag.  It’s one of the cheapest subscriptions out there.  I love collecting all of the bags that the products are sent in, not to mention collecting the products.  I always get excited when I can try something new.  Whether it is for my face, hair or body I love getting a chance to experience it.  Sometimes I fall in love, sometimes I don’t, but I always get a thrill out of having it brought to me monthly.

Ipsy Bag, priced $10.00/monthly

Wantable May 2013

Wantable May 2013

Wantable May 2013

I got my May Wantable the other day and have been looking forward to sharing it with you. I love this box because of the full size samples. So far I am very pleased with what they have sent me. Here’s what was inside

I have heard others talk about Face Lipstick on a few make-up websites so I was psyched to see it in my box. I am not too keen on the color but I believe I can blend it with something else for a more flattering shade. It went on very even and smooth.

Now this is def some blue eye shadow. It covers very well and you don’t have to use very much. A little goes a long way his should last.

I am always looking for a good eye liner because it’s one of my fav items to where. I do get a little nervous applying it but this tip seemed to go on smooth. The true test is when I get hot. Fingers crossed for no smearing.

Mascara is another easy item that I put on when I am going out. I normally do not where any make-up so the emphasizing my eyes goes a long way. Good to know this product is going to keep me aging younger.

I can’t wait to try these out. Actually I should do them now since I have a migraine. They would probably soothe me to sleep. Anything that will soothe sore eyes, puffiness or a migraine is perfecto in my book.

Wantable May 2013

Wantable May 2013

How could anyone not love a box filled with full sized products that you will actually use. This box is def worth the price if you absolutely love make-up. The brands are fabulous and you actually get a chance to see if you like working with a certain brand. I love it and this will be one subscription that I keep. Love, Love, Love!!!

Wantable, priced $36.00/monthly

Influenster VoxBox Spring Fling 2013

I was so happy to be informed that I would be receiving a VoxBox.  I love going onto Influenster, taking  a few surveys and reviewing products.  I never knew about the website until I was introduced by a friend of mine.  I was super excited to see what was inside, so here we go!!!

Since I don’t have fingernails this doesn’t really do anything for me.  Oh well.

I love Secret deodorant.  It has never told on me.  Lol.

I am not sure about how this product will work on my hair but I will try it when I detangle just to see if it offers some slip without me having to apply something wet.

I really liked the way my lips felt after applying this.  Super soft and super smooth.  I love the color, it is not too much for my extra pinky lips.

I ate half and had to hide the rest.  This tasted absolutely wonderful.  I love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter in anything “kake” like.  Funny I have never had a Tastykake product till now.  So good can’t wait to eat the rest.

I loved the Influenster Spring Fling VoxBox.  I can and will use everything that is inside of the box.  That Tastykake is what I needed in my life.  I hope everything works out tip top and I can give everything a rave review on Influenster.

Influenster, free with participation on the website.