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Goodies Box May 2013

May 24, 2013

Goodie,Goodie, it’s my May Goodies Box.  There seems to be excitement in my house when this box arrives.  I wonder why?  Hmmm, let me think… Oh yes, I have hungry teenage boys.  That’s it.  Here’s what they dug into.

This kind of tea always comes in handy when I have a stomach ache.  Always has that soothing effect.  I love trying new teas. There are some really unique flavors for tea that this company offers. Beet Cabbage, Tomato Mint, sounds like a tea adventure.

I loved the fact that these chips were so crispy and crunchy.  The nacho cheese flavor wasn’t too good.  It tasted like some powder cheese of some sort.  I bet I would like these naked with salsa.

I have never liked pumpkin seeds.  As a kid my sister kept sunflower and pumpkin seeds around.  That was until I had them drizzled with vanilla syrup.  I loved that, so to go back to just salt was painful.  I ate exactly one before I put the bag down.

And let the fighting begin.  The boys about knocked me down to get a chance to swipe these.  I made them share and since there were 9 in each pack (I made them each give me a bite), they were satisfied.  I love these sour straws the taste great.

I dipped my finger on the lid and I immediately fell in love and came up with the idea of how to use this product.  Since it is the Memorial Day weekend I plan on making this into a BBQ sauce.  I loved the sweet spicy taste, so did the kids.

I have tried coconut water in the past and wasn’t a fan.  Now that I have a liter of it I think I will try to flavor it with something that will allow me to want to swallow it.  Even though it is full of healthy stuff I just can’t do it.

I think these olive oil packets are adorable.  I think I am going to make a picnic for my boo and I.

Wholly Guacamole Clips and Coupon

Wholly Guacamole Clips and Coupon

I LOVE GUACAMOLE.  It’s one of my favorite watch a movie, game or tv show snack.  I should have gone to buy this to eat with those chips.  Oh that would have been good.

So there is the Goodies Box.  I am happy about it even though the largest item didn’t impress me much.  Hopefully somehow I can will coconut away from these boxes since I hate it. Box, $7.00/monthly (you must wait on an invite before receiving the box)


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