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Curlkit May 2013

May 24, 2013
Curlkit May 2013

Curlkit May 2013

Another month, another monthly Curlkit.  This hair subscription box is always a surprise.  Here’s what was inside this month’s box.

UR Curly is a popular product among naturals.  I have heard mixed reviews but I am willing to give it a go to see the results for myself.  Since I have been using some other products this goes on the list.  I will return with an update.

Yum Yum Candle Limoncello Soy Candle

Yum Yum Candle Limoncello Soy Candle (small tin pictured) $14.99 for 7.5oz. glass container

This candle smells great.  I am not use to other products being in my Curlkit besides hair products.  I love the candle but I rather have my hair products.

I will be pairing this with the other Ori product I have received in my Curlkit.  I believe that the two will give me an idea of whether or not it works for me.  I think my list is getting too long.

I love Giovanni products.  They always seem to detangle my hair quickly and easily.  I look forward to using this because I understand the benefits of tea tree oil on my hair.  I love anything that makes my hair healthy.

This soap smells great.  I plan on cutting this into pieces so that my soap can use it for his eczema.  It tends to flare up during the summer and oatmeal always calms in down.

Can I say I love the name?  Hee hee.  I always need an extra of these scarves.  It seems as if they are like socks because they get lost in the dryer.  Happy I have this on back-up.

Curlkit May 2013

Curlkit May 2013

I am very happy with my Curlkit.  The only problem is that is took a little longer to arrive this month.  The added candle was nice but I would have preferred another hair product.  I guess it was a bonus.  I will continue subscribing to Curlkit.  I love opening that grey box.

Curlkit, priced $20.00/monthly


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