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Conscious Box May 2013

May 24, 2013

I love Conscious Boxes they are so cool.  They are always full of interesting products.  I am sure this will not disappoint.  Here’s what they sent me this month.

Herbamare Original 0.09oz.

Herbamare Original 0.09oz. $8.29 for 8.8oz.

This organic seasoning that I will hope makes my eggs flavorful and delicious.  Cooking eggs with spices is usually the way I gauge whether or not I like a spice.

I plan on keeping this handy when one of the kids or I catch a cold.  This will be a great way to get their body balanced again as it is drained from fighting a cold or flu.  They love lemonade so they will really like it.

If only I had a dishwasher.  I will pass these along to the boo.

I can dig natural toothpaste.  This is a great item to keep in my car when I am running about.  I may need to freshen my breath on the go.

Oh they even sent a mint flavored one.

I believe any berry flavored tea is my friend.  I loved the taste of this tea.  I have been a big rooibos fan but somehow the cranberry hit the spot so I didn’t care.  I need a box of this.

My kids tried to grab these but I made a point to remove them before the unveiling of the box.  Unfortunately they found out about them when they saw me snacks on them.  Grrrrrrr, I was so happy that there were only a few of them inside of the bag.

I am always on the look out for a good sunscreen.  I am on the fair side when it comes to being black so my skin burns easily in the sun.  Hopefully this rubs in well and doesn’t have a horrid smell to it.  I will def be back with a review of this.

I plan on trying this tonight.  I have nothing to wake up early for so if I sleep till 8 am, I am satisfied.  Hopefully it will relax my very busy mind.

I love the name of this product, Healthy HooHoo.  Too cute.  I have been sampling a lot of “neither region” products so this one will be interesting to try as well.  Umm I will keep this review to myself unless something goes terribly wrong.

Since I don’t have any small children to try this out on, I plan on adding it to my morning protein shake.  I think it will make it really creamy and add the flavor I am looking for.  We shall try it out.

And since I do not have anything to do on Saturday night I will drink one of these.  This will be interesting.

Coupons fron Conscious Box

Coupons from Conscious Box

These all the extra coupons added in the box.  There are freebies, BOGO and $5 off.  I’m happy.

I was pleased with my Conscious Box.  Everything that was in the box was a first for me.  I am really happy that this box is always versatile and touches on a little bit of everything.  Personal, family, kids, and household are covered.  Love it.

Conscious Box, $19.95/monthly


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