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Coca Rocha Fancy Box March 2014

I always like getting the Coco Rocha Fancy Box.  She seems to always pick items that are functional, fashionable and fun.  I can always use what I find inside.  While this box doesn’t have a bunch of items, they will all be used…at the gym and outside.


I absolutely love this Next Level gymselfie tank.  This will be so fun to take selfies of myself getting the svelt body that I have been wanting.  I know that it will turn heads and everyone is going to ask where I got it from.


A simple nylon bag from American Apparel great for dropping my clothes in at the gym.   Even if I don’t use this I know that my kids will.  And the fact that it was made in Americani a happy bonus.


The water bottle from Asobu.  I love the fresh taste of flavored water from fresh fruits.  I often keep a jar of lemon water in my fridge to enjoy after a workout.  This makes it easier to have on hand when I am out and about.


These Happy Plugz make me happy.  The fact that they are gold makes them even more fun.  I am always looking for a new pair to have when I am working out so hopefully these will work out during my workout.


I really liked the box.  I only wish that the nylon bag was a little bigger.  It was kind of tight once I put in a towel, a few necessary items and the clothing.  Everything in this box will be put to good sweaty use!!!

Coco Rocha Fancy Box $39.00/monthly


Goodies Box May 2013

Goodie,Goodie, it’s my May Goodies Box.  There seems to be excitement in my house when this box arrives.  I wonder why?  Hmmm, let me think… Oh yes, I have hungry teenage boys.  That’s it.  Here’s what they dug into.

This kind of tea always comes in handy when I have a stomach ache.  Always has that soothing effect.  I love trying new teas. There are some really unique flavors for tea that this company offers. Beet Cabbage, Tomato Mint, sounds like a tea adventure.

I loved the fact that these chips were so crispy and crunchy.  The nacho cheese flavor wasn’t too good.  It tasted like some powder cheese of some sort.  I bet I would like these naked with salsa.

I have never liked pumpkin seeds.  As a kid my sister kept sunflower and pumpkin seeds around.  That was until I had them drizzled with vanilla syrup.  I loved that, so to go back to just salt was painful.  I ate exactly one before I put the bag down.

And let the fighting begin.  The boys about knocked me down to get a chance to swipe these.  I made them share and since there were 9 in each pack (I made them each give me a bite), they were satisfied.  I love these sour straws the taste great.

I dipped my finger on the lid and I immediately fell in love and came up with the idea of how to use this product.  Since it is the Memorial Day weekend I plan on making this into a BBQ sauce.  I loved the sweet spicy taste, so did the kids.

I have tried coconut water in the past and wasn’t a fan.  Now that I have a liter of it I think I will try to flavor it with something that will allow me to want to swallow it.  Even though it is full of healthy stuff I just can’t do it.

I think these olive oil packets are adorable.  I think I am going to make a picnic for my boo and I.

Wholly Guacamole Clips and Coupon

Wholly Guacamole Clips and Coupon

I LOVE GUACAMOLE.  It’s one of my favorite watch a movie, game or tv show snack.  I should have gone to buy this to eat with those chips.  Oh that would have been good.

So there is the Goodies Box.  I am happy about it even though the largest item didn’t impress me much.  Hopefully somehow I can will coconut away from these boxes since I hate it. Box, $7.00/monthly (you must wait on an invite before receiving the box)

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar May 2013

This is my second box from The Jungle Stand.  I really love the 6 bites that come in each box.  I especially love that there is actually enough for me to share with other around me (if I want to, slaps hands).  Here’s what they had in store for us today.

This Tasting Bar was great.  The boys and I loved tasting all of the different brownie crisps and trying to guess the flavors.  I especially like the mint and orange.  My boys went for the chocolate chip and toffee flavors.  I love getting this box because I pull all of the boys around me and we enjoy talking a laughing.  Great conversation starter and family fun time.

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar, $9.92/monthly

Conscious Box May 2013

I love Conscious Boxes they are so cool.  They are always full of interesting products.  I am sure this will not disappoint.  Here’s what they sent me this month.

Herbamare Original 0.09oz.

Herbamare Original 0.09oz. $8.29 for 8.8oz.

This organic seasoning that I will hope makes my eggs flavorful and delicious.  Cooking eggs with spices is usually the way I gauge whether or not I like a spice.

I plan on keeping this handy when one of the kids or I catch a cold.  This will be a great way to get their body balanced again as it is drained from fighting a cold or flu.  They love lemonade so they will really like it.

If only I had a dishwasher.  I will pass these along to the boo.

I can dig natural toothpaste.  This is a great item to keep in my car when I am running about.  I may need to freshen my breath on the go.

Oh they even sent a mint flavored one.

I believe any berry flavored tea is my friend.  I loved the taste of this tea.  I have been a big rooibos fan but somehow the cranberry hit the spot so I didn’t care.  I need a box of this.

My kids tried to grab these but I made a point to remove them before the unveiling of the box.  Unfortunately they found out about them when they saw me snacks on them.  Grrrrrrr, I was so happy that there were only a few of them inside of the bag.

I am always on the look out for a good sunscreen.  I am on the fair side when it comes to being black so my skin burns easily in the sun.  Hopefully this rubs in well and doesn’t have a horrid smell to it.  I will def be back with a review of this.

I plan on trying this tonight.  I have nothing to wake up early for so if I sleep till 8 am, I am satisfied.  Hopefully it will relax my very busy mind.

I love the name of this product, Healthy HooHoo.  Too cute.  I have been sampling a lot of “neither region” products so this one will be interesting to try as well.  Umm I will keep this review to myself unless something goes terribly wrong.

Since I don’t have any small children to try this out on, I plan on adding it to my morning protein shake.  I think it will make it really creamy and add the flavor I am looking for.  We shall try it out.

And since I do not have anything to do on Saturday night I will drink one of these.  This will be interesting.

Coupons fron Conscious Box

Coupons from Conscious Box

These all the extra coupons added in the box.  There are freebies, BOGO and $5 off.  I’m happy.

I was pleased with my Conscious Box.  Everything that was in the box was a first for me.  I am really happy that this box is always versatile and touches on a little bit of everything.  Personal, family, kids, and household are covered.  Love it.

Conscious Box, $19.95/monthly

Curlkit May 2013

Curlkit May 2013

Curlkit May 2013

Another month, another monthly Curlkit.  This hair subscription box is always a surprise.  Here’s what was inside this month’s box.

UR Curly is a popular product among naturals.  I have heard mixed reviews but I am willing to give it a go to see the results for myself.  Since I have been using some other products this goes on the list.  I will return with an update.

Yum Yum Candle Limoncello Soy Candle

Yum Yum Candle Limoncello Soy Candle (small tin pictured) $14.99 for 7.5oz. glass container

This candle smells great.  I am not use to other products being in my Curlkit besides hair products.  I love the candle but I rather have my hair products.

I will be pairing this with the other Ori product I have received in my Curlkit.  I believe that the two will give me an idea of whether or not it works for me.  I think my list is getting too long.

I love Giovanni products.  They always seem to detangle my hair quickly and easily.  I look forward to using this because I understand the benefits of tea tree oil on my hair.  I love anything that makes my hair healthy.

This soap smells great.  I plan on cutting this into pieces so that my soap can use it for his eczema.  It tends to flare up during the summer and oatmeal always calms in down.

Can I say I love the name?  Hee hee.  I always need an extra of these scarves.  It seems as if they are like socks because they get lost in the dryer.  Happy I have this on back-up.

Curlkit May 2013

Curlkit May 2013

I am very happy with my Curlkit.  The only problem is that is took a little longer to arrive this month.  The added candle was nice but I would have preferred another hair product.  I guess it was a bonus.  I will continue subscribing to Curlkit.  I love opening that grey box.

Curlkit, priced $20.00/monthly

PopSugar Must Have May Box 2013

PopSugar Must Have May 2013 Popsugar Reusable Bag

PopSugar Must Have May 2013
Popsugar Reusable Bag

This was my first PopSugar Box and as usual I was super excited to get a new subscription box.  I hear nothing but top notch reviews about PopSugar and the PopSugar Must Have Box.  They have great brands as well as theme boxes geared towards an audience that wants to stay up on trends.  So let’s see how trendy I will be this month.

Koringal Giselle Mid Brim One Size Fits All $27.99

Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim One Size Fits All $27.99

I have already been wearing this hat outside while working in my garden.  My mother tried to take it but I told her hands off.  It really does keep you shaded well and I look absolutely fabulous when pairing it with sunglasses.

Margaritaville here I come.  I plan on popping these babies once a week. I started with the authentic and it was delish.  I think with my hectic schedule I can indulge in a margarita ever Friday night.  All I need now are a plate of nachos and salsa.  Cheers.

This little guy is the end all beauty tools.  You can evenly cover your face perfectly using this and get a smooth perfect application each time.  You also get the cleanser for the tool.  I don’t wear a lot of make-up but when I do I always want to go on as easy as it can.  I always have a problem with rings around my eyes so I hope that changes with the use of this.  Cool tooly thingy.

Charm & Chain $30.00 Gift Card

Charm & Chain $30.00 Gift Card

I went over to Charm & Chain to check out what they had.  I really liked the jewelry but I wasn’t a fan of the prices.  Now there was a sale page and the prices were well reduced but were still a little pricey.  Who knows they may pop up with a random ring that I can afford.

First of all Mindy Kaling is hilarious, so I was really expecting the questions in the box to be hilarious.  Unfortunately it was not.  The questions were really random and didn’t really incite the laughter I was hoping for.  They are great conversation starters but I wanted something that would make me fall out the floor laughing.

Boy oh boy I am a lucky girl.  I love this shade.  It wasn’t sticky or drying, and the color was spot on.  My lips love it so, I will probably buy this again.

I loved the chili taste on these tortilla chips.  I almost ate the whole bag while sitting in front of the tv last night.  Not a good look when only 10 minutes into a show.

I enjoyed the PopSugar box and since I got it with a coupon, I liked it even more.  The hat, margaritas, beauty blender and chips made my day and really made the box stand out.  I just like popping over to the PopSugar website and checking out everything on it.  It’s full of style and fashion trends.  The box is a def must have.

PopSugar Must Have Box, priced $35.00/monthly PopSugar occasionally offers special themed boxes around $100.00

Fancy Food Box May 2013

Another month, another great Fancy Food Box.  I always anticipate my Fancy Boxes coming in the mail.  I love all of the great food that they send me to try.  I get so excited to see the colorful boxes sitting on my porch.  I pick-up and get even more giddy because of the weight and run inside.  Here is what they sent to me this month.

What can I say about this popcorn.  Freaking awesome!!!  I love white cheddar anything.  Add black truffle, now it is taken to a whole other level.  SWEET!!!

And then they had the nerve to send me caramel.  Oh my goodness.  I mixed this with the white cheddar.  What did I make?  A gourmet Chicago mix.  Who’s in love…me?

I love jerky and I haven’t a lot of it in many, many years.  I wasn’t sure about the teriyaki flavor so I was already not looking forward to it.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I could eat it with some chips and dip.

I have been wanting to try this chocolate for a very long time.  Every time I go into my local specialty store I want to buy but I decided not to.  I was so happy to see not 1 but 2 of these in my box and in flavors that I adore.  I absolutely love them both.  I had to hide them from the family because I know how their sticky fingers get.

I have seen this sauce in a lot of stores and was a little iffy because I am not a huge fan of butternut squash.  I plan on trying this out today on some pasta for my mother and I.  I hope it tastes like heaven.

This apron is so fun and so useful.  My mother and kids immediately turned it upside down and started reading the cooking guide.  This is def a must have in the kitchen when you are trying to measure something or figure out how long something should cook.  I have already been using it daily.

This is what my sandwiches have been missing.  I tried this on a turkey sandwich the other day and fell in love.  The spiciness was a perfect compliment to the turkey and cheese.  I plan on making another one for lunch today.  I plan on making some seriously deviled eggs with it too.

I love, love, love this box.  I haven’t been disappointed yet by this box and I really don’t see that ever happening.  I love getting these obscure brands and getting a chance to try some things that I have passed up in stores.  Fancy Food Box is worth the price and the wait.

Fancy Food Box, priced $39.99/monthly